Kad Phra Non has existed for a total of 5 eras.

  1. The first era … Kad Phra Non is located in Khun Yawichian Petchsiri’s House, in Soi Phra Non Tai intersection.
  2. Second era … moved to Phra Non Tai intersection of Phra Non Tai in the front corner of the house and next to Khun Yai Huan Tavichai’s house (at present Tawilha Shop)
  3. The 3rd era … Grandpa Poonsawat Deawwanit bought land at the corner of Phra Non Tai Intersection to make a market (nowadays, the area where Phra Non Market is located in the 3rd generation has been built as a commercial building instead), selling mackerel, Jin Moo (pork), Jin Ngua (Beef), Lod Chong Singapore, etc.
  4. The 4th era … Grandpa “Poonsawat” Deaw Wanit” bought a piece of land opposite the 3rd era area to make Kad Phra Non again…It was opened more than ten years. After that, it has been stopped for more than 40 years (now this area is an old wooden house written as กาดพระนอน (Kad Phra Non))
      Nowadays, after being abandoned for a long time, the old wooden house has opened as a restaurant using the original name of Kad Phra Non (กาดพระนอน)[/caption]
  5. The 5th era, the current Kad Phra Non … was started on October 1, 2011, arising from the idea of the Phra Non community’s descendants who wanted people in the community to meet and talk and do activities together to create a happy society for the elderly in the village to sit and relax and watch their children and grandchildren do activities such as dancing, playing local music. Children in the community have a platform to express their ideas and participate in the preservation of folk art. Children can learn to make money by selling small things, making them proud of what they do. People in the community earn income from trading with local food, utensils and souvenirs, as well as encouraging everyone in the community to jointly preserve the culture of Lanna lifestyle which day by day will disappear from society to exist and promote cultural conservation tourism to maintain their way of life.

Thank you …Information from Khun Ta Poonsawat Deawvanich, Kad Phra Non Lovers Club

The author of the article … Khun Wimonwan Deawwanit

Composer … Mr. Chanamas Thawichai

Written on … 14/10/12

Information updated on 19/01/23

Organic fresh vegetables
Children in the community can learn how to make money.
Fresh mushrooms at Kad Phra Non
Fresh look, happy selling.
Folk dress
Old people came out to meet and talk.
Indigenous music masters and youth share musical heritage.
There is a stage for adults to have fun.
Foreigners came to visit generate income for the community.