Kad Phra Non since the beginning did not have any symbol until around 2014, the first shirt of Kad Phra Non was made in the form of a standing rabbit paired with a post box at Kad Phra Non, which the post box is regarded as a landmark of the Kad Phra Non and the rabbit wants to convey to the people in the community in a cute and friendly corner like a rabbit. After that, there was an idea that Kad Phra Non should make a symbol that represents itself, so it was made in the form of a rabbit wearing a Mo Hom* shirt, standing and holding hands in a circle. As for standing around holding hands, it represents the cooperation and unity of the community members who helped create the Kad Phra Non with volunteer spirit. (If you observe carefully, you will find that each rabbit is not exactly the same because it wants to convey that even everyone is different but they can unite and unite). Finally, what is indispensable is to thank everyone who helped support Kad Phra Non to become another small tourist attraction in Phrae Province.

*”Mo Hom” is Thailand’s famous indigodyed fabric using a natural dyeing process from indigo plants. The word “Mo” (ม่อ หรือ มอ) means sky blue or grey and “Hom” ( ฮ่ อ ม ) is an indigo blue tree that produces different shades of blue. Even though Mo Hom originated from Northern and North-eastern Thailand